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Herbal products blended with ancient Tibetan & Ayurvedic formulas

About us

25 years of crafting authentic herbal products  from the hills of Nepal


Himalayan Herbs Trader is an association of indigenous women entrepreneurs from Humla District in northwestern Nepal, near the Tibetan Border (see map).

It has been producing and exporting wild herbal products for many years. All of our products are free of chemicals and additives. The products are collected and manufactured by local people. Himalayan Herbs Trader is well aware of its environmental impact, ...

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Himalayan Honey

Don’t miss this honey-licious offer!! Order your sweetening healthy supplement for your morning drink now. 

Our Principles

Embracing natural energy as we go


The earth/water element

Kapha energy combines earth and water elements. It forms and maintains the structural integrity of our body. It is responsible for maintaining solidarity.


The air/wind element

Vata energy consists of air and wind elements. It is associated with movement, flexibility and creativity. It is responsible for regulating our heartbeat, breathing and thought patterns.


The fire/water element

Pitta energy constitutes fire and water elements. It is associated with warmth, passion and transformation. It governs the digestion, absorption and metabolism processes of our body.

Our Blog

Get to know more about natural herbal products; their applications, benefits, effects, and more.

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