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Cordyceps Synensis

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Cordyceps is a fungus that grows inside a caterpillar, eventually consuming the caterpillar until its fruiting body emerges from the head. There are many qualities of Cordyceps available in the market, but because we supply only wildcrafted whole Cordyceps from the high Himalayas, you can be assured of high quality. We directly purchase Cordyceps from our friends in Humla and bring them to Kathmandu for distribution. This is a significant source of income for the people of this remote area.


Traditionally, powdered cordyceps is mixed with other tonic herbal medicines such as ginseng, or it may be boiled and taken as a tea or soaked in alcohol for a tincture. It can be mixed into a teaspoon of honey. It can also be mixed into soups, stews or hot milk. Typical doses of cordyceps are 2-3 grams daily, taken for 4-8 weeks or longer.


We supply whole Cordyceps in five different grades. The prices below are approximate, and change according to season and availability. Contact us for current prices. Minimum order 1kg.

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